Today I went back to my room at around 6am, i slept at 6.30am.Wow, it’s pretty late. The time i reach the room, i saw one of my housemate, she is kind of suprise of my late returning to my room. What she said was, ‘ wow, it’s really  not easy to study architecture’. i just ‘ hmm… ‘ then went back to sleep. Luckily, I still can wake up after that, I jsut scared I slept until dont know to wake up. Thanks god, I managed to wake up at 8.30am. After that, I went to studio. By the time I reached studio, lecturer not coming yet! wow, cool !!! I am not late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After that, there are 2 groups who were going to present for their precedent study. The first one was about the Extreme Park, Precinst 20, Putrajaya. It was a nice place for the extreme activity, in my opinion, I still feel that the location is not that appropriate that I think. The other one was that Kiblat Walk. Another piece of nice work ! After that, we got our presentation about the boulevard context. I didn’t really know what we presenting actually !!! It’s my fault also, I din help much in that study. Because one of my group member and I doing for our report. Never mind, at least we learned from mistakes. But, sometimes, it’s really kind of hard to understand what my lecturers trying to voice out. I dont know whether is it because of that my weak english ?

    Following this is the building services, it’s about the electricity. Seriously, I don’t really understand what is he trying to say. Somehow, I think he is just trying to convert the understanding of electricity from English to Malay. Sometimes, when you try to translate something, the meaning is not there. So, actually I kind of confusing. It’s not because I trying to get attention from lecturer, but I really didnt understand. For releks reaction, I just voiced out !

that’s part of my routine life !


ai bee


~ by aibee88 on January 14, 2010.

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